PELLE Marius

Spoluautoři MITELEA Ion, BORDEASU Ilare, CRĂCIUNESCU Corneliu

The paper principal objective is to find the microstructure influence upon the cavitation erosion for GJS-400-15 and GJS-450-10 cast iron. The experimental tests were realized in a vibratory device with piezoceramic crystals realized in agreement with the ASTM G32-2010 Standard. The eroded areas were investigated with optical and electronically microscopy. The researches show that in the initial period of the cavitation attack some carbon nodule are fragmented but others are completely expelled. By increasing the cavitation attack duration, the number of indentations and their magnitude is increased, but simultaneously appear a tendency of coalescence and of depth increases. The starting of cracks and their propagation depends both of the carbon concentration factor and the sensitiveness to fracture of the metallic matrix.