JEZIERSKI Jan Silesian University of Technology

Spoluautoři BULIŃSKI Zbigniew, JANERKA Krzysztof

Powder injection into liquid alloys is a widely known method of metallurgical processes improvement. The are a lot of researches in this field but still some aspects are not yet completely solved. One of them is powder injection with non-submerged lance which is more difficult to proceed than when the lance is submerged in liquid. Therefore the authors work trying to explain some phenomena occured during the two-phase gas-powder jet penetration into liquid environment. This paper presents part of the results of powder injection computer modeling using AnSys software. The simulations were prepared based on previously made laboratory experiments (described during the last year Metal conference). The results show the character of jet inside the liquid (model liquid - water and real conditions - molten cast iron) and the validation of these numerical results with real experiments.