UTU Dragos "Politehnica" University of Timisoara

Spoluautoři OCHIAN Dumitru, MITELEA Ion

The active part of the endless saw blades is made of rapid steel, HS2-10-1-8, and the and the holder from a X32CrMoV4-1 alloyed steel. The joining of the both parts is realized by electron beam welding which provides the obtaining of narrow seams, small heat affected zones (HAZ), good reproducibility of the results and uniform microstructure in welded joint zones. In case of the small series production or by the reshuffling of saw blades broken in exploitation, one propose the replacement of the electrical welding process by butt fusion from intermediate to direct melting with the TIG welding method. The present paper analyzes the structural modifications produced in the welded joints zones obtained by the two methods, specifying the measures imposed to limit the hardening and embrittlement phenomena (selection of the filler material, preheating and post heating, heat treatments performed after welding, etc.) that can cause cracking phenomena.