CUTEAN Elena Simona “Politehnica” University of Timisoarara

Spoluautoři MITELEA Ion, SERBAN Viorel Aurel , CORNEA Florin Marian

During the last decade, high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) thermal sprayed coatings play an important role in industrial applications where exceptional friction, wear and corrosion resistance are required. The properties of HVOF coatings are highly dependent on a number of parameters including the preparation of the part surface, composition, morphology, size distribution and feed rate, the precise control of gas flow, stand-off angle of deposition and part temperature. Ensuring appropriate functional properties of HVOF coatings requires a good compatibility with the substrate material. The optimal selection of the coating material takes into consideration the metallurgical, mechanical and process technology compatibility. The mechanical properties of coatings must match the substrate. From this point of view, maintaining a high corrosion resistance is mainly conditioned by achieving a good adhesion and a microstructure free of internal cracks or other defects. This paper aims to characterize the adhesion and scratch resistance using Millennium200 - Technical Tribo equipment of Ti layer deposited on C 45 steel by means of HVOF technique.