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Spoluautoři VRÁTNÁ Jitka

Present paper deals with fatigue properties of aluminium alloys Al Cu4MgSi-T2 (AA2017), Al Cu4PbMgMn-T2 (AA2007) and new machinable alloy Al CuMgMnSnBi-T2 (AA2015). Fatigue test rods were removed from the pressed and drawn flat bars in temper T2. Flat bars were manufactured in the plant of Constellium Extrusions Děčín by a usual production method. The tests were carried out under the following conditions: the cylindrical testing rods with notch (Kt=2), frequency: 85-90 Hz with load R = 0, with the completion of the tests to the quarry with stress levels on σmax = 150 to 270 MPa. Wőhlerova curves obtained on the samples with corrosion attacks in the mist of the neutral sodium chloride solution (NSS) Furthermore, there was made a detailed analysis of structural properties and fractographical analysis