NAIZABEKOV Abdrakhman Karaganda state industrial university

Spoluautoři TALMAZAN Vitaliy, YERZHANOV Almas

Intensive development of production demands from sheet-rolling production of release of the thin high-quality leaf intended for manufacturing of various details and the equipment. Sheets besides optimum structure and demanded mechanical properties, should possess high quality of a surface. Improvement of quality of steel products is one of the main objectives of modern rolling production, and also takes a special place in research-and-production activity of the industrial enterprises. In the field of mechanical engineering requirements to quality of a surface of a leaf, in this regard providing faultless production constantly raise, and also research of process of a defectform and a formchange of defects of a surface remains an actual task. Timely detection of superficial defects excludes marriage hit on the subsequent operations, and also allows to define in due time possibility of formation of marriage, its reason and in due time to take measures for prevention of formation of defect. Researches in this direction is very actual. Results of researches are given in this work about possibility of improvement of quality of a surface of a cold rolling strip at the expense of increase of a burnishing of superficial defects of the «dent» and «pin-hole» types by means of the computer.