SIDOROV Evgeny Vladimir State University

Spoluautoři DRÁPALA Jaromír, PIKUNOV Mikhail

The operation properties of the cast alloy products depend on the phase composition, morphology and the dispersity of these phases, i.e. on the microstructure, and on the size and orientation of the crystals, i.e. on the macrostructure as well. The above mentioned structures form during the crystallization process and the solidification of castings. It was found out that the formation of these structures, besides the heat removal conditions, is predetermined to a considerable extent by the crystallization character indices of alloys: the alloy fraction crystallizing by the diffusion decomposition (Mdecom) and the diffusion interaction (Minteract); the size of the equilibrium (δteq) and non-equilibrium (δtneq) crystallization ranges; the component distribution coefficients (K); the crystallization rate (i=dm/dt) close to the liquidus (iL) and solidus (iS) of alloys. In the present work the dependence of the resulting structures of alloys and castings on the crystallization character indices for two-, three- and multi-component solid solution alloys is shown. For three-component alloys the algorithm and the calculation program of the crystallization indices of the solid solution alloys were developed. Calculations of these indices for different compositions have been done and the resulting structures depending on the external solidification conditions have been shown. Theoretical investigations were confirmed on the castings of two-, three- and multi-component solid solution alloys.