SOLOMONOV Konstantin Karaganda State Industrial University

Spoluautoři LEZHNEV Sergey

The solution of problems of materials forming can be reached by application of various ways (types) of modeling. Division into ways of modeling is quite conditional and has no clear boundaries since one way is quite often appears to be basic or in-cludes another one. So, it is difficult to unambiguously separate computer modeling into numerical and drawing (graphic). Roughly speaking, geometrical modeling is the part of mathematical one and is allocated here in the separate type only because it makes a basis for a set of graphic software packages. In this work the classification scheme of various ways of processes and objects modeling, suitable for solution of technological and designing tasks, is given. Appli-cation of the offered classification is shown on the example of plastic forming pro-cesses modeling. There were also questions of metal yielding kinematic schemes sub-stantiation in processes of a shape formation of flat samples investigated.