LEZHNEVA Victoria Karaganda State Industrial University

Spoluautoři LEZHNEV Sergey

High profitability of operation of leading steel-making companies in the world during the last decade led to strengthening of ferrous metallurgy role as a key branch of world economy. In its turn, it considerably increased investment attractiveness of the steel business. Steel-making production is quickly developing as a result of the competition on the basis of innovations and increasing environmental requirements. At the same time world leaders, including enterprises from CIS, strengthened the in-novative activity in conditions of China entry into the global market of steel products, metallurgical technologies and equipment. However, 2-3 years of successful devel-opment are not enough for the branch, of course. On the economic crisis coming all large enterprises ceased their innovative activity and took a waiting attitude that doesn't mean, as a whole, the swing-back from former positions. Now the only possibility for Kazakhstan to hold its positions and to become in the future more competitive in the world steel market is the fastest implementation of innovations in production, construction of last generation plants with the involvement of the latest technological developments. In this work there are strategic aspects of nearest future development for one of leading companies in the steel-making market not only of Kazakhstan, but also of the world, ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, are given.