HOUDKOVÁ Šárka Výzkumný a zkušební ústav Plzeň s.r.o.

Spoluautoři ČESÁNEK Zdeněk, KAŠPAROVÁ Michaela, SCHUBERT Jan

To obtain the superior quality coatings, it is necessary to provide the optimization procedure of all sprayed coatings. Although the spraying parameters of the group of materials (etc. Co-based alloys, WC-based cermets coatings and so) are use to be similar, the differences in alloy elements or matrix composition can make a difference in the most appropriate spraying parameters. Even for the powder with similar composition and declared manufacturing technology, the powder can change in a way, that influence the final coatings properties, and small change in spraying parameters (flame temperature, velocity, spraying distance and so) could be necessary to keep the coating properties. For that reason, the optimization should be done in the case of change of powder supplier to ensure the coatings quality. In the paper, the optimization procedure and some basic mechanical properties such as hardness, microhardness and abrasive wear resistance of two CrC-based HVOF cermet coatings with different matrix material (NiCr and CoNiCrAlY alloy) are compared and the influence of the matrix material is described.