MORAVEC Jaromír Technical University of Liberec

Spoluautoři BRADÁČ Josef, NEUMANN Heinz, NOVÁKOVÁ Iva

New and more complex industrial applications also call for the development of new materials with special properties. Heat-resistant steel P92 can be classed as one of these materials. To predict such materials behavior by different running conditions or by defined heat treatment it is important to acquire a sufficient number of adequate input parameters in temperature dependence. The submission deals with the analysis of the temperature impact on the grain size, which is an important input parameter for numerical simulations. This parameter has direct connection with the resulting mechanical properties of a given material. Different types of the evaluation of the grain size according to ČSN EN ISO 643 standard are also presented, both for a thermally unexposed specimen as well as for thermally exposed specimens during different length of time. The submission further shows how the resulting data can be used in numerical simulations for the grain size prediction after welding or heat treatment.