VOLOKITIN Andrey Karaganda State Industrial University

Spoluautoři LEZHNEV Sergey, NAIZABEKOV Abdrakhman

Stable functioning and development of many domestic industries require expanding the assortment of wire. While to the forefront the problem of increasing the strength properties of the products stands, the solution of which is dictated by the constantly increasing demands of consumers. One of the most promising ways of increasing strength and plastic properties of steel is - the formation of ultrafine-grained (UFG) structure in the material by deformation methods. However, despite the numerous developments, modern methods have a number of significant limitations in the aspect of continuity and productivity of technological schemes. Based on complex analysis of the existing schemes of the plastic structure formation, as well as the promising areas of their development continuous combined process of "pressing-drawing" using equal-channel step die proposed which allows receiving wire with sub ultrafine-grained structure, required size and shape of the cross section at a small number of cycles of deformation and also removes restrictions on the length of the original workpiece, and, consequently, allows to obtain finished products up to several tens of meters. Just want to note that this method of deformation in implementing it in production does not require significant economic investment and can be implemented in industrial plants for the production of wire so that it does not require retrofitting of existing drawing machines. Because for the implementation of this combined process only the addition to the equipment specially prepared equal-channel step die requires, designed to drawing through it material.