JURASZ Zbigniew Automotive Research & Development Institute BOSMAL

Spoluautoři ADAMASZEK Krzysztof

The corrosion resistance of usually applied high – alloyed austenite valves steels in combustion engines have been compared. In this work, the results of kinetic corrosion of valve steels in combustion gases of petrol with 5 % additive of ethanol and combustion gases from propane-butane have been presented. The corrosion tests have been performed gravimetrically under thermal shock-conditions by heating of specimens from room temperature up to 1173K and heated at this temperature during two hours, then quenching to room temperature. This experiment simulated valve work conditions of highly thermal loaded exhaust valves in spark ignition engines. The performed analysis shows that corrosion resistance of valve steels in ambient of combustion gases from propane-butane is slightly lower than in gases from petrol with 5% additive of ethanol. It has been concluded that this difference is caused by different interaction of tested steels with above mentioned combustion gases.