KOVÁŘ Ladislav VŠB - Technická univerzita

Rationalization of energy consumption and reducing energy demands of production is currently one of the priority tasks of our industrial production. Greater demands on the creation and protection of the environment newly access to that. That demands are focusing on the issues of production technologies of various industries. Search for ways to increase production efficiency with a corresponding economic and ecological response is linked to this. This contribution is focused on protective (fuel) gas consumption rationalization in concentric blowing nozzles used for instance in production of steel in converters with bottom blowing. For thermal protection of these tuyeres can be used, besides other gases, natural gas. Its consumption is an important economic indicator of production. This paper contains selected results of mathematical modeling of gaseous media flow through concentric tuyeres with given dimensional parameters. Selected results of mathematical modeling was elaborated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Technical University of Ostrava. The results of flow mathematical modeling can be used to evaluate given conditions of heat exchange in the tuyere and its structural configuration changes to the flow variables of considered media and its hydrocarbon mixture suitable for use as a coolant and fuel.