BRZÓSKA Jan Politechnika Slaska

Proceeding globalization, increase of competition influence, increasing crisis symptoms, but also new cooperation possibilities are challenging for the companies. They are often related to changes in the strategic and operational management. The changes are reflected by new principles and structures of business models (that describe the idea of run business), where different forms of innovation play special role. Thus, business models that are capable of generating and diffusing innovations are more and more important. Determination of their role and meaning in the adopted and executed strategies and operations performed by the companies is often the condition that provides competitive edge and profits. Purpose of the paper is to present business model concept based on the principles of so called new era of innovation, emphasizing the meaning of social infrastructure (human resources), business models and technical infrastructure. Based on own research in companies operating in the metallurgical sector, the following thesis is put: introduction of process and product innovations affects the changes of the business model structure. The research object concerns an important theoretical and practical scientific problem within the discipline of management, in particular business modelling of companies. Within the last decade, the issue of constructing business models was very interesting as regards both science and research among foreign and domestic researchers and practical users. Subject of the research is average commercial and production companies within metallurgical sectors that do not belong to corporative structures