Applied research and experimental development in forming processes used in metal forming technology of seamless tubes in the past took place in the Czech Republic in the workplace VSB-TU Ostrava. The main tools of modern research on this issue are conducted mainly in two directions mathematical modeling, which also includes the numerical simulation of those processes and physical modeling. Besides the more general use of mathematical modeling physical modeling is likely the most appropriate procedure of a complex process of cavity formation during axial rolling of seamless tubes for laboratory research and development of those processes. The conducted experimental development can proceed to the simplest experiment which is a technological test directly on production equipment. This can be carried out but only to a limited extent, because the preparation and implementation of such an experiment is reduced production and is associated with loss of the line performance. Experimental device enabling deformation of steel billet should meet several similarity criteria between the physical model and the actual process. Within investment of Regional Materials Science and Technology Centre (RMSTC) project was created new comprehensive workplace focused on physical modeling of seamless tube production. The laboratory is divided into two workplaces namely rolling mill so called “Universal rolling mill for production of seamless tube“ and heat treatment of ring of tubes.