CHABIČOVSKÝ Martin Vysoké učení technické v Brně

Spoluautoři RAUDENSKÝ Miroslav

The spray cooling of stainless steel plates was studied with using different orientations of the cooled surface. A 1.5 mm-thick test plate was moved vertically or horizontally with a velocity of 3 m/s. Experiments were conducted with mist nozzles oriented either vertically with the spray flowing down or horizontally. The water impingement density was between 0.91 – 9.68 kg m2 s-1. It was found that the heat transfer coefficient is similar for horizontally and vertically down oriented nozzles in the surface temperature range 600 – 900 °C. The vertically down spray yields a higher heat transfer coefficient for surface temperatures below 400 °C. Furthermore, it was observed that the Leidenfrost temperature is slightly higher for vertically down spray for lower water impingement densities. This shift of the Leidenfrost temperature was not observed for higher water impingement densities.