TITTEL Viktor Technická univerzita v Košiciach

Spoluautoři ZELENAY Miroslav, KUDELAS Luboš

The experiments were a response of deficient wire quality (diameter and ovality) and high standard dies consumption. The experiments were carried out direct in praxis at the steel wires drawing of 2.10 mm with a carbon content 0.85  0.87% C and with using borax as surface treatment of wire rod. The hydrodynamic lubrication was used at the wire drawing on straight line continuous drawing machine by reason of increase of production effectiveness, wire quality improvement and defective products decrease.The geometric parameters of drawn wire were found: keeping of diameter tolerance and ovality tolerance and also surface roughness. At the same time consumption dies and dies wear were followed during which time the dies wear was expressed by dependency of surface roughness of drawing wire on the drawing duration.This prediction was confirmed by the repeated experiment. Moreoverit was found out that dies consumption was decreased 4.5 times against consumption of standard dies when hydrodynamic lubrication was used. At the same time the specified values of diameter tolerance, ovality and improved wire surface quality were achieved.