SMIRNOV Yevgeny Donetsk nation technical university


In the work performed by the staff of Donetsk National Technical University (Ukraine), was set the complex problem providing on the one hand with the development of three-dimensional mathematical model, and on the other hand with the creation of the functional laboratory facility of the twin-roll strip casting process. Mathematical model connects nature of melt flow with temperature. It is implemented using the finite element method and allows to analyze the flow and heat transfer in solid-liquid zone during the process. Stationary three-dimensional flows, the effects of turbulence, coupled momentum equations and heat transfer are also taken into account. The project of the laboratory facility provides cast of a strip from the alloys of lead and tin. The design feature is that it is possible in a wide range to change technical data that affects the metal crystallization process and its subsequent rolling. This allows to verify the results of numerical modeling, make appropriate corrections, and thereby increase the accuracy of the numerical results, and also to optimize the control model of casting process. The results of calculation using the developed mathematical model show the speed, temperature and solidification nature in the bath area. Moreover, were obtained the velocity profiles of the melt in the bath facility of the twin-roll strip casting process in different planes depending on the supplying scheme of the liquid metal. Also was obtained the nature of the temperature distribution in the steel flow in the bath along the length of the rolls body.