FEDOROVÁ Michaela TnUAD so sídlom v Púchove

Spoluautoři TALAŠ Rastislav, PEŠLOVÁ Františka, OBUCHVÁ Miroslava

The work deals with the research of materials based on Cr-Ni steels which are commonly used in the glass industry. The surface of these materials is in the permanent direct interaction with the molten glass. Moreover, this surface is exposed to aggressive environment which occurs as a result of pre-heat by open flame, lubrication by oils and it can even occur on the basis of diffusion of other elements. If there is the occurrence of oxidation products on the surface, it means unacceptable quality of glass products and this causes defects relating to insufficient quality of products. The work is based on proposed approaches including the influence of the surface to eliminate or to delay its occurrence. Proposed and performed corrosion tests of these materials can help from the aspect of decision for the selection of optimum surface of materials under the stress (glass moulds and glass pre-moulds). Therefore, it is very important to obtain information on behaviour for uncoated and coated material in a simulated corrosive environment.