ČAPEK Jaroslav VŠCHT v Praze

Spoluautoři KUČERA Vojtěch, FOUSOVÁ Michaela, VOJTĚCH Dalibor

The NiTi shape memory alloy is commonly fabricated by a vacuum induction melting (VIM), a vacuum arc remelting (VAR), or by their combination. A contamination of fabricated ingots takes place during the VIM process. The VAR process leads to a low contamination, but the ingots are not sufficiently homogeneous. Therefore, the VAR process must be repeated several times, which leads to an increase of the final products´ costs. Powder metallurgy techniques could be an alternative to the above mentioned processes. In this work, samples were prepared by the thermal explosion mode of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis and an influence of the sintering time on products´ properties, such as microstructure, chemical and phase composition, compression behaviour and hardness, was studied.