VÁVRA Jan Univerzita Pardubice

Spoluautoři BEDNARIKOVÁ Marie

In production processes Life Cycle Assessment represent effective tool for accessing information about potential and real impacts of products life cycle. Life cycle analyses of products involve especially material, energy and economic flows. But they are also suitable for information about production and consumption impacts on the workers, the consumers, the local communities, the society and other shareholders. Social Life Cycle Assessment is an extended concept for decision-making processes, covering traditional environmental content and on the top of that assessing social and socio-economic impacts related to products’ life cycles. Many companies in metallurgy introduce Life Cycle Assessment and environmental management systems in consideration of potential savings and avoiding material wastage. But effective corporate management system should bring balanced information covering economic, environmental and social tasks of company’s production processes. The contribution deals with the application of Social Life Cycle Assessment on metallurgical materials production and their limitations and problems. The main objective is to determine optimized ways of implementation of Social Life Cycle Assessment for company materials and products to reinforce company competitiveness, environmental performance and sustainability.