HARNIČÁROVÁ Marta VŠB - Technická univerzita

Spoluautoři VALÍČEK Jan, ČEP Robert, PETRŮ Jana & ČEPOVÁ Lenka

The paper deals with an analysis of surface integrity in laser beam cutting process. Surface roughness and other well measurable geometric features of the surface generated by a laser beam are used to define the quality of machined parts and its surface integrity. A whole complex of properties of materials, whether physical, mechanical or technological and utility properties are in a close relation with the mechanism of material disintegration. As the laser beam is focused onto a workpiece, the heat generated in the material results in the development of surface deformation. This is connected with a consequent hardening of the material and results in a change in physical and mechanical properties. The resulting surface roughness is an indicator of unwanted alteration, or it presents a degree of maintaining the original structure of the material. Using a model for machining-induced surface integrity modifications, it is possible to identify a stress - deformation state of the material, to assess the quality of material and its functional lifetime. This objective can be achieved primarily through a systematic derivation and definition of functionally determined relations between the final state of the surface layer of the workpiece and process parameters, which is being considered as an integrated physico-mechanical whole.