SOBOTKA Jiří Technická univerzita v Liberci

Spoluautoři SOLFRONK Pavel, ZUZÁNEK Lukáš, NOVÝ Jan

The hydraulic bulge test represents one of the basic test to determinate not only materials limit stages but also stress-strain curves for relevant stress state. Thus results from hydraulic bulge test can be used both for creation e.g. forming limit diagrams and also as an important input data for numerical simulations. The stress-strain curves measured by hydraulic bulge test correspond to equi-biaxial stretching. Moreover, position of point which corresponds to hydraulic bulge test for relevant material can be also used in the yield criterions. In this paper was used fairly new yield criterion according to Vegter (Vegter Yield Criterion) which quite accurately matches to deformation behavior of highly anisotropic materials. Not only for this reason there is a rapid increase of using this yield criterion – namely in the automotive industry.