SOBOTKA Jiří Technická univerzita v Liberci

Spoluautoři SOLFRONK Pavel, KOLNEROVÁ Michaela, NOVÝ Jan

The bore expansion test (or test acc. to Siebel and Pomp) represents one of the most common technological tests at monitoring the cutting clearance adjustment influence on the material sensitivity to cutting technologies. Great interest in this technological test can be found mainly from the stamping tools producers and press shops in the engineering industry. This paper deals with the measuring of the bore expansion test by means of the modern optical systems which enable contact-less measurement of deformation. To be specific – in this case was used system ARAMIS by which was measured the bore expansion test for different adjustment of the cutting clearance. The main effort is to increase accuracy of the bore expansion test namely with regard to definition of material limit stage. Results from the experimental par can be used mainly at tests of new stamping tools or different materials.