STRÁSKÝ Josef Univerzita Karlova v Praze

Spoluautoři JANEČEK Miloš, HARCUBA Petr, LANDA Michal

Low elastic modulus and sufficient strength are key requirements for advanced metallic implant material for orthopaedic use. Metastable beta titanium alloys are promising material due to their excellent biocompatibility, high strength and low elastic modulus. However, low modulus is achieved in beta solution treated condition, whereas superior strength is achieved by formation of particles of other phases that significantly increase stiffness. The purpose of the presented research is investigation of the effect of Fe and Si additions to well-known biocompatible TNZT alloy. Excellent biocompatibility of newly developed alloys has been previously reported. Here we report significant increase in strength and simultaneous increase in elastic modulus. The effects of chemical composition, annealing temperature and microstructure are widely discussed.