SALINA Valentina Karaganda State Industrial University


The production and use of integrated ferroalloy is a complex scientific - technical problem, the main aspects of which is the development of efficient technological processes for their preparation, providing a high degree of extraction of the leading elements from raw material, and the development of rational composition of the alloy. The theoretical aspects of this technology is based on a thermodynamically - diagrammatic analysis of phase equilibriums in the system BaO-SiO2-MnO-FeO and the Ba-Si-Mn-Fe at standard temperature and homogeneous – liquid – phase state. The main source of barium in the alloy are sulphate barite ore. The largest region in terms of reserves of barite and its production is the Central Kazakhstan. Currently barite ore deposits of Zhumanai by geographical location, physical state (solid material), chemical composition, mass. %: 74.35 BaSO4; 8.54 SiO2; 0.4 Al2O3; 2.91 CaO; 0.046 MgO; 0.1 W; 0.52 ignition loss and reserves, is a promising raw material for production complex barium-containing ferroalloy in Kazakhstan. In Chemico-Metallurgical Institute named after Zh.Abishev carried large - laboratory testing technology of smelting complex barium-containing manganese-based ferroalloy in the furnace capacity of 200 kW·A continuous one-step carbonoreductive slagless way. The recovery of the components in the alloy melt was carrying, %: 84.09 Mn; 78.03 Si; 78.26 Ba. The developed technology to combine the processes of obtaining silicon manganese, ferro-silicon and silikobarium together. The approbation ferroalloy with barium 10.84% in smelting steel type A14 in a vacuum induction furnace VSG 30A.