Spoluautoři JĘDRZEJCZYK Dariusz, SOŁEK Dariusz, SZŁAPA Ilona, HAJDUGA Maciej

Research was focused on fittings for overhead power lines – Single Link made of steel 355JR. The influence of side surface preparation on the nature of zinc coating has been presented in the paper. Depending on the cutting method of the samples, they were divided into three groups (A- water cutting, B- laser cutting, C- oxygen cutting). Prepared materials were subject to an abrasive blasting –steel shot GL40 and chemical treatment – pickling. Galvanizing process was performed in a bath of zinc at 460oC, t=5min. The hot – dip Zn galvanizing process was performed in industrial conditions. For all samples with the Zn coating the metallographic analysis was performed. The structure and continuity of the Zn coating were evaluated. Further, the corrosion resistance of Zn coatings was investigated. Samples were placed in the salt chamber with neutral NaCl (according to EP-EN ISO 9227). It was found out that the hot-dip zinc coating on the water-jet cutting surface demonstrates the best corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of the zinc coating on laser cutting surface is better than on flame cutting surface. The flame cutting surface needs additional mechanical (grinding) or electrochemical (electropolishing) processing.