Spoluautoři KREJČÍ Lucie

Galvanic systems based on secreted Zn coatings alloyed Zn coatings and their conversion modifications declare a wide range of combinations of alternating conversion chromating additional adjustments based on chromium CrVI hexavalent adverse environmental impact. Based on this fact can not make global alternation, but there is a need extensive verification and expansion of numerous combinations of experimental systems level. The paper is focused on the study and selection of suitable alternatives to eliminate the need for compensation chromate coating layers containing hexavalent chromium, which is one of the environmentally hazardous substances. The concept of the experimental part was aimed mainly at testing the corrosion resistance of coating systems and alternating current combinations. The resulting facilitate comparison and assessment in practice orientation and choice of suitable alternatives coating operation in conjunction with the technological requirements. Test adhesive wear and microhardness completes a comprehensive picture of the physical - mechanical properties of individual components of coating systems in terms of basic electroplating layer, conversion coating and sealing.