BOHOVIČOVÁ Jana Slovenská Technická Univerzita v Bratislavě

Spoluautoři Peter JURČI, Mária HUDÁKOVÁ, Ľubomír ČAPLOVIČ, Martin SAHUL, Pavel BÍLEK

PVD CrAgN coatings on Vanadis 6 steels, were deposited by magnetron sputter deposition at the Hauser Flexicoat 850 device. PVD coatings contained 3 and 15wt. % of Ag, respectively. Tribological testing using a Pin-on-disc apparatus has been realised at a room temperature, 300, 400 and 500 ° C, respectively. Al2O3 and brass balls were used as counterparts. Wear tracks after Pin-on-disc testing were analysed by scaning electron microscope and microanalysis.