Spoluautoři SHUBAKOV Vladimir, KUDASOV Dmitrij

Glass samples were obtained by melting of oxide mixture SrO–Fe2O3–B2O3 at 1250oC followed by rapid melt-quenching on a rotary steel roller. Submicron-sized SrFe12O19 particles were formed in glass-ceramic matrix during crystallization of the glass by aging in a temperature range of 750–850oC. The submicron-sized hexaferrite powder was obtained in removing the matrix phases by etching. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and magnetization measurements. The glass-ceramic material exhibits the very high coercivity - up to 10 kOe. The samples of magnets were prepared by pressing the hexaferrite powder at RT and subsequent aging at 900–1200oC. The coercive force of aged samples is up to 8 kOe.