Spoluautoři CAGÁŇOVÁ Dagmar, ČAMBÁL Miloš

In conditions of strong competition on a market and very quickly changed external environment, enterprises search for new methods, tools and solutions which guarantee them a sustainable development. Enterprises begin to pay more attention to cost management, economic effectiveness and efficiency of business processes. Processes become the key element of the contemporary enterprise. The modern structure is built around processes, which are treated as dynamic objects around which to build a system of relationships within an organization. The process is a set of sequential steps that are associated with the cause-effect dependencies. The process is series of activities or tasks that leads to the creation of a specific product. The current competitive context puts manufacturers under increasing pressure to provide products that meet the particular requirements of individual customers, calling for high flexibility in business processes. In this paper a new approach of performance management is proposed. The main goal of this paper is to investigate the possibility of using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure and assess effectiveness of metalworking processes. These indicators help to guarantee appropriate degree of product quality, execution time and costs of metalworking processes and assess the level of accomplishment of objectives including different kinds of indicators. Consideration of KPI’s in the decision-making process allows permanent monitoring and control of the strategy realization of the company in day by day decisions.