SANIUK Sebastian University of Zielona Góra

The cluster concept is becoming increasingly popular as an effective form of business organization. Clusters, which are a flexible form of horizontal cooperation among the three groups of players: companies, scientific research bodies and public authorities; provide an environment which facilitates the rapid development of innovative forms of cooperation between different players. In addition, they form an ideal base for the creation of production networks oriented to emerging business opportunities in the market. The submitted paper concerns the production flow planning in a set of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) functioning within regional industry metalworking clusters. Surveys conducted as a part of research into one of the Polish metalworking clusters underline the need for combining the potential of enterprises in order to manufacture new production orders which significantly exceed the production capacity of any single cluster enterprise. In this paper the computer system which allows the integration of cooperating enterprises, sharing of production capacity of enterprises and the possibility of production order execution is presented. This system improves the productivity of the production resources of metalworking cluster enterprises and has a positive effect both on the development of small and medium enterprises belonging to the cluster and the region as a whole.