VILAMOVÁ Šárka VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři JANOVSKÁ Kamila, KOZEL Roman, BESTA Petr, ČECH Martin

The sphere of action of metallurgy companies is an area so specific, it is necessary to use selected aspects in the process of strategic management of these companies. This article examines the effect of the success of these companies in business markets with regard to the specifics of these markets, the use of specific marketing tools and new trends in this area. The paper used mainly the secondary research methods, analysis of current data from relevant sources over the last 15 years, knowledge from individual personal interviews with representatives of metallurgical companies. Concerning the methodology used, it showed the most suitable to carry out a detailed analysis of basic and chain indicators, and for identifying mutual dependencies of variables to use a correlation analysis. When summarizing the conclusions from each area was analyzed by the method of synthesis.