ČERMÁK Jiří ÚFM AV ČR, v.v.i.

Spoluautoři KRÁL Lubomír

Coefficients of mutual carbon diffusion were measured at initial stages of diffusion for surface thin layer of carbon/ferrite and carbon surface layer/austenite. The aim of the study was to compare the diffusion characteristics obtained at the present strongly non-equilibrium case with those known for carbon mutual diffusion in cases where the carbon concentration does not exceed the solubility limit in the respective substrate. The second goal was to judge, whether the carbon diffusivity is determined by the structure of the substrate matrix (BCC or FCC). As examples of ferrite substrate, pure Fe and chromium steel P91 were chosen, as an example of austenite substrate, AISI316 was taken. It was obtained that – similar to near-equilibrium case – the carbon diffusion measured close to interface C/austenite is significantly lower compared to carbon diffusion near the C/ferrite. Values of carbon diffusion coefficients in cases C/Fe and C/P91 are close one to another. All carbon diffusion coefficients are much lower than those, reported for near-equilibrium conditions; they approach values measured in carbides.