OSTROUSHKO Dmytro VŠB - Technická univerzita

Spoluautoři MAZANCOVÁ Eva, SAKSL Karel

Work deals with analysis of phases formed during explosive welding of the 304 SS with titanium of commercial purity. In close vicinity of wavy interface strong elongated grains in direction of explosion were observed. In structure using SEM with EDAx, phases on the basis of Ti-Cr-Ni-Fe in melted zones, resp. also complexes of oxides with different Mn, Al and Si contents were detected. In area of intermetallic phases, close under interphase microhardness increases were found. In as-received state those were higher, after heat treatment slightly lower. Close the interphase (approx. by 2 mm) using synchrotron Ti-hcp, Fe-bcc and Fe-fcc were detected, however none above mentioned intermetallic phases. With continuing to the steel away interphase, Fe-bcc was rapidly decreasing.