Spoluautoři HAJDUGA Maciej, WĘGRZYNKIEWICZ Sylwia, SOŁEK Dariusz, JERZEJCZYK Dariusz

This paper presents corrosion resistance of construction elements covered with different metallic protective coatings. The subject of research is the interior of the ambulance. Research was focused on the steel grade D01, which is widely used as the construction material of the medical equipment. After mechanical treatment (grinding and polishing) samples were divided into four groups that were subjected to the zinc coating. The following methods of zinc coating were applied: galvanic (two applications according to EN ISO 4042), hot-dip (PN-EN ISO 10684) and lamellar (PN-EN ISO 10683). All samples with the Zn coating were analyzed metallographic ally. The structure and continuity of the Zn coating were evaluated. Next, the corrosion resistance of Zn coatings was investigated. Samples were placed in the salt chamber with neutral NaCl (according to EP-EN ISO 9227), climatic chamber and KESTERNICHA chamber (test resistance of the coating to CO2). The results are summarizing and comparing with corrosion testing traditional method of polarization curve.