TURCZYN Stanislaw Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza

Spoluautoři DZIEDZIC Michal, KUZMINSKI Zbigniew

Paper contains the analysis of metal flow during rolling of long products, especially in regard to fill in a compound grooves. As the specific examples for investigation have been chosen Z-section sheet piles. These steel sections belong to wide demanded long rolled products, considering their utilization properties. Z-section sheet piles are very wide and thin products and their cross section has any axis of symmetry. Furthermore, the interlocks on both sides of profile must be exactly formed during rolling. From one side, the rolling process of sheet piles is very profitably, but from the other one the rolling technology is highly difficult. During rolling of such sections exists both high vertical and high axial forces. Moreover these sections are likely to bend and to twist at the exit from rolls. During designing the rolling process of sheet piles, i.e. the proper filling of the grooves, distribution of reductions for individual passes and parts of the profile, the principles of both physical modelling and FEM simulation have been applied. The slab and beam blank have been tested as the incoming material. All passes were calculated until accurate profile have been obtained with the rolling forces below admissible values. The results of laboratory tests and simulations carried out in the work are thoroughly discussed. The realized study allowed to make proper roll pass design with the correct grooves as well as to elaborate better pass schedule for rolling accurate products in industrial conditions.