SIKOROVÁ Andrea VŠB - Technická univerzita

Spoluautoři SAMOLEJOVA Andrea, LAMPA Martin

Based on the influence of the environment, which acts on the companies, whether in a positive or negative sense, companies are forced to process information, adapt to the market and achieve a variety of changes, such as developmental processes in the company. All changes begin after some stimulus, an idea that will help to develop the innovation process, and the result should be a competitive advantage of the company. The emergence of thought is caused by the environment, whether impulse of customers, competitors, the media, but also on the basis of the activities of employees in the company. Flexible and high-quality innovative policy is fundamental for the development of companies in a hyper-competitive environment. Countries with advanced innovative politics are more successful in a global scale. This article explores marketing innovations in industrial firms as for their benefits what further affect competitiveness if the companies.