STAWARZ Marcin Politechnika Śląska

Factors influencing the crystallization process (e.g. chemical composition of the alloy, casting conditions, conditions of heat dissipation from the mold, etc.) in conjunction with a set of data recorded during the solidification and crystallization processes, and data describing the morphology of the stereological parameters of the alloy will complete the missing knowledge about the impact of the kinetics of high-silicon iron crystallization on its microstructure. This would involve intermetallic phases such as Fe5Si3 characteristic of alloys with high Si content. Literature touching this subject is poor, often these positions date back to the second half of last century, and the information contained in some cases are mutually exclusive. After crossing the boarder of 15% Si in the alloy we are dealing with contradicting information about the microstructure of the matrix. Regarding the crystallization process and the impact of conditions on the formation of these phases by reference are silent or give very poor data, which is in no way satisfactory. Therefore, the study presents a crystallization process in various conditions for high silicon cast iron alloys.