BRANSKÁ Lenka Univerzita Pardubice

Spoluautoři Lošťaková Hana, Pecinová Zuzana

Systematic establishing of the value network and development of cooperation among members can significantly increase its success rate. However, it is necessary to be an entity that is actively engaged in building a functional value network and has an adequate position and tools for such activities. As there is generally a better opportunity for the development of cooperation in chains and networks where a single owner controls a number of entities, better opportunities open up in this field for enterprises of metallurgical and chemical industries, where there are traditionally strong ownership links. The paper presents results of primary qualitative researches undertaken in the chemical industry. It presents the current form and manner of cooperation of these enterprises with other entities of the value network. It analyzes the areas and degree of tightness of cooperation in these networks. The authors discuss the possibility to further improve activities in the business value networks as a result of the strengthening of the coordinating function of the entity that owns a significant number of individual links of the value network.