PECINOVÁ Zuzana Univerzita Pardubice

Spoluautoři LOŠŤÁKOVÁ Hana, BRANSKÁ Lenka

In today's highly competitive market environment it now appears insufficient for a firm to endeavour to deepen and strengthen relations with direct customers only. It is increasingly clear that the higher effects can be achieved by engaging in value networks and by developing cooperation with other entities of the network in order to provide greater value to the end customer. However, this way of thinking has not been satisfactorily implemented in Czech industrial enterprises (including metallurgical and chemical ones) yet. The paper presents results of primary qualitative researches focused on capturing the present form and the way of cooperation in selected value networks. The paper first presents the form and current mode of operation of selected value networks, and subsequently barriers are specified for further development of cooperation in these networks. The research results are reflected in the draft recommendations for improvement. The proposed improvements should contribute to higher connectivity of entities and processes in the value network and to coordinated value creation management for all customers in the network. The proposed recommendations are generally usable, even in networks involving enterprises of metallurgical and chemical industries.