Spoluautoři HERMANOVÁ Šárka, DOBROVODSKÁ Lenka

The project MPO FR - TI3/458 "Material solutions for industrial equipment working with ultra-preheated steam", the assessment and prediction of long-term durability of heterogeneous and homogeneous welded joints selected materials that can be used for heat exchange surface superheaters and reheaters newly built or refurbished power plant boilers and the acquisition of detailed and reliable information, especially about their behavior during long-term operation. In the first stage, it was necessary to make the determination and optimization of automatic welding processes (welding parameters and thermal regime during welding - preheating temperature, interpass, postheating) and subsequent heat treatment after welding. In addition, it was necessary to obtain information on the properties and behavior of the short-term tests of welds in the qualifications (WPQR) according to EN 15614-1. The results of these tests in relation to the heat treatment are the subject of the following presentation. Long-term corrosion and creep tests are currently underway. Their results, therefore, not included in this presentation. Examined heterogeneous and homogeneous Weld joints are martensitic material P92 and austenitic materials HR3C, Super 304H and Tp347HFG.