Spoluautoři KŘÍŽ Antonín, KLUFOVÁ Pavla, DEVERA Tomáš

Hard chromium surface treatments are widely used as functional coatings for piston rings. Since the properties of hard chromium coating are not longer sufficient for new applications composite hard chromium coatings with various fillers are used. Fillers are especially particles of hard materials for example Al2O3, CBN, diamond, UDD, UDDG, etc. This paper deals with the use of fillers based on nanodiamond - graphite (UDDG) and its influence on surface roughness of the chromium coating. There were prepared samples of coatings with varying amount of UDDG samples of Cr- Al2O3 coating and samples of conventional hard chromium. The surface roughness was measured by surface roughness tester. Surface condition and roughness was also determined using confocal microscope. The results show that the roughness is increased with the amount of filler.