SMETANA Bedřich VŠB - Technická univerzita

Spoluautoři ŽALUDOVÁ Monika, ZLÁ Simona, DOBROVSKÁ Jana, KREJČÍ Lucie

The paper deals with the study of latent heats of phase transformations of Fe based metallic alloys. Latent heats are very important quantities for thermodynamic and kinetic modelling. Values of latent heats are also important as input data for many SW used for technological processes modelling. Thermal analysis was performed to obtain values of latent heats. Latent heats were studied using Setaram MHTC (Multi High Temperature Calorimeter) Line 96 equipped with 3D DSC sensor. Influence of chemical composition was observed in connection of amount of latent heats. Advantages of Setaram MHTC equipment are discussed also. Comparison of obtained results with classical DSC or DTA sensors are discussed. Experimental measurements were realised under controlled heating and cooling rate in an inert atmosphere. Comparison of experimental, calculated and accessible data in the literature was performed. It follows from the obtained results the necessity of further systematic research of studied quantities.