KURKA Vladislav Material and Metallurgical Reseach Ltd.

Spoluautoři PINDOR Jaroslav, HUDZIECZEK Zbyněk, ADOLF Zdeněk, CIENCIALA Jiří

The metallographic purity of the steel products is influenced by many factors, starting with the chemical composition of charging materials, their "purity", through proper choice of technology, preparation of metallurgical units and compliance with all technical and technological operations to the casting and crystallization. This work deals with the influence of selenium on the resulting purity material after its open fogings. Selenium has been identified in inclusion MnS(Se), which caused a reduction in formability of these inclusions, even under very high degree of deformation. This work and was carried out by metallurgical unit "Vacuum and pressure induction melting furnace" (VPIM) which is part of the laboratory "laboratory for experimental verification technologies for the production of new materials". During implementation of the project "Regional material technology research center "No. CZ.1.05/2.1.00/01.0040, or rather the research program No. 6, named "Experimental verification of new technological processes for metallic materials with higher quality parameters“ will be modernized VPIM. In the company MATERIAL AND METALLURGICAL RESEARCH Ltd. the laboratory will be used for research and development of new metallurgical processes in metallic melts.