PETRENEC Martin Tescan, a.s.

Spoluautoři TESAŘOVÁ Hana, KRAHULA Karel, POLÁK Jaroslav

In-situ SEM tensile test at room temperature have been performed on an flat specimen of advanced austempered ductile cast iron (ADI) alloyed with nickel. The aim of this study was elastic-plastic behavior together with nucleation and growing of cracks. During tensile loading the systematic observation of selected places was studied. The in-situ observation was elucidated the tensile curves according to the deformation mechanisms of structure. In the early stage of loading the stress-strain response is elastic. After exceed offset elastics limit the decohesion of graphite nodule from matrix was observed. It was connect with tensile curve deflection in elastics region. The cracks initiated preferably from interface of graphite nodule and the ausferrite matrix. Complete elastic-plastic region is connected with plastic deformation of matrix and growing and linking of short cracks. The tensile curves from in situ stage and standard tensile test were compared and discussed.