WOJTASZEK Marek AGH - University of Science and Technology

Spoluautoři ŚLEBODA Tomasz

Ti-6Al-4V alloy is used mainly in aircraft industry due to its low density, excellent corrosion/oxidation resistance, and attractive combination of mechanical properties. This alloy has relatively low formability, so forming parts of complex geometries out of this alloy requires precisely controlled thermomechanical processing parameters. In this respect, powder metallurgy methods are very promising, since the processing parameters in the case of P/M materials can be controlled more precisely. This work is aimed at the analysis of P/M Ti-6Al-4V alloy processing. The samples of Ti-6Al-4V alloy powder compacts were subjected to plastometric tests under various temperature-strain-strain rate conditions. The microstructures of both Ti-6Al-4V alloy powder compacts and hot deformed in compression on Gleeble simulator P/M Ti-6Al-4V alloy samples were analyzed. Moreover, basing on the results of plastometric tests, thermomechanical parameters of forging P/M Ti-6Al-4V alloy were determined. The investigated alloy was successfully forged in industrial conditions, what was also discussed in this study. The investigations showed a significant influence of processing parameters on development of the microstructure and mechanical behavior of P/M Ti-6Al-4V alloy.