Spoluautoři LAPIN Juraj

The aim of the present work is to characterise creep damage of intermetallic Ti-46Al-8Ta (at. %) alloy with convoluted α2 (Ti3Al)+γ (TiAl) microstructure during thermal cycling creep. Thermal cycling creep tests were performed at applied stresses ranging from 200 to 400 MPa in air. The thermal cycle consisted of heating of the creep specimen from cooling temperature (TC) of 573 K to hot temperature (TH) of 1073 K during heating time of 55 s, holding at the temerature TH for 550 s and cooling to TC during cooling time of 55 s. All thermal cycling creep tests were run until the fracture of creep specimens. The creep damage of the specimens was characterized by the means of optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray high-resolution computed tomography. The measured size of cavities and cracks formed during thermal cycling creep are discussed from the point of view of the applied stress, equivalent time to fracture and number of applied thermal cycles to fracture.