GURO Vitaliy Institute of general & inorganic chemistry of UAS

Uzbekistan shale oil’ resources amount 48 billions tons. Despite of their metal-bearing capacity they never have been used as industrial raw material for metallurgy. Attempts of application of coke of their processing on Мо and V were known. The semicoking way of slates processing with preliminarily biooxidation is offered. On its basis the technologies of liquid extraction and sorption of metals are developed. The first stage in the media of aliphatic carboxylic acid and gas-condensate leads to disposal of "ballast": Fe, Al, Ca, Mg. The second approach in amine and tributylphosphate in kerosene media leads to selective separation of V, Mn, Ni, Ti, Zn, Cr, rare-earth metals from Mo, U, Cu, Cd, Tl, Re. For further selective extraction of metals the sorption on specific ion-exchange resins is offered.